Work starts on our new school building for North East Essex Co-operative Academy.

Work has now started on the construction of our new building for North East Essex Co-operative Academy in Walnut Tree Way, Colchester.

North East Essex Co-operative Academy, part of Keys Co-operative Academy Trust, is an all-through (5-16) Alternative Provision academy currently offering 152 pupil places for primary and secondary aged pupils across North East Essex. Our existing site located in Turner Road, North Colchester is not sufficiently large enough to offer a full time, on-site, provision to all our pupils, which means as a consequence of potential overcrowding, many of our pupils are required to be taught away from the school premises for part of their weekly timetable.

The new building, which is being funded by Essex County Council and due to be completed in December 2022, will address many of the challenges the school has faced in the current building in Turner Road. The building will be significantly larger and will be able to accommodate 80 pupils onsite, which means along with our current building in Turner Road, the school will have capacity to offer an increase in the number of on-site hours offered to our pupils.

Further information about our new site can be found here:

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