Funding Agreements

Company Information

Members / Board of Trustees


Russell Ayling (Chair)

Andy Drake

John Hill


Roger Abo-Henriksen

Russell Ayling (Chair)

Paul Bedwell 

Jeff Brindle

Kully Byatt

Philomena Cozens (CEO)

Richard Gregory (Vice Chair)

Steve Whitfield

If you are interested in becoming a Member or a Trustee of the Trust then please contact the Governance support office on 01621 856275.


Jane Smith

Chief Executive Officer (Accounting Officer)

Philomena Cozens


Chief Operating and Financial Officer (CFO)

Kevin Panrucker

Company Accounts

Keys Co-Operative Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales.

Company Number: 10831275

Registered office: Heybridge Co-Operative Academy, The Street, Heybridge, CM9 4NB