Members / Board of Trustees


Russell Ayling (re-joined 01/06/21)

Andy Drake 

John Hill 

Sandra Johnson 

Stephen Whitfield 

Russell Ayling (22/6/17 - 17/9/20)

Dr David Parry (12/12/18 - 9/2/20) 


Roger Abo-Henriksen (Chair)

Paul Bedwell (Vice Chair)

Jeff Brindle (Chair of Finance, Audit and Risk Committee)

Kully Byatt

Philomena Cozens (CEO)

Angela (Anjie) Gaywood

Richard Gregory

Bishop Roger Morris 

Angela Wildman 

Stephen Whitfield (17/7/17-28/4/21)

Russell Ayling (17/7/17 - 17/9/20)

Dr Damian Loneragan (8/9/20-18/9/20)

If you are interested in becoming a Member or a Trustee of the Trust then please contact the Governance Officer on 01621 856275.

Finance Audit and Risk Committee

Jeff Brindle (Chair)

Roger Abo-Henriksen

Kully Byatt

Philomena Cozens

Richard Gregory

Kevin Panrucker (non trustee)

Local Governing Bodies





Jane Smith

Chief Executive Officer (Accounting Officer)

Philomena Cozens

Chief Operating and Financial Officer (CFO)

Kevin Panrucker

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Roger Abo-Henriksen

I have been  a Trustee for Keys Co-operative Academy since it was established in 2017 and was appointed Chair of the Board in September 2020. Establishing and growing a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is challenging, but as a lifelong educationalist, I am committed to the Trust's mission (as outlined by the Chief Executive in her welcome statement) and I wholeheartedly share the Trust's vision for us to strive for each of our academies to be outstanding providers of education, helping young people to succeed in their lives through learning and personal development.


It is an exciting time for me to be leading the Board and working with the Executive Team to develop and implement an innovative five year plan across the Trust . As a Co-operative Academy Trust everything we do will be aligned to our values of self help, self responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. 

Company Accounts

Funding Agreements

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If you would like to receive a copy of the latest approved set of minutes from the meeting of the School's Local Governing Body / Trust's Board of Trustees and/or Finance, Audit and Risk Committee please contact the Governance Support Officer on 01376 425955 ext: 805 who will arrange for a copy to be sent in the post or emailed to you.